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Why Women Should Have Anal Sex | Thought Catalog

I personally don't see why it would be because as far as I'm aware there are no pleasure zones inside a woman's anus but does anyone want. It's natural to wonder what anal sex is like—so we got eight women to spill the dirty details "The pleasure radiates through your whole body.". Last night I went to a talk about women, confidence and pleasure. One of the speakers was asked about anal sex and said it was just.

Do girls like anal? - Hookup!

Anal sex gets a bad rap. But I am a warm blooded woman that happens to love anal sex. But even more appalling are the ridiculous articles by women who do love anal sex as a degradation to the female race.

I read a twisted article from Vice about why women should only have anal sex. It was all kinds of bat-shit crazy. A deep rooted desire to be degraded?

That article made me realize that women out there are being made to believe that anal sex is designed to please men and to fulfill a secret desire to be turned into a submissive degraded female. After such an article, no wonder women are shying away from it.

This is a no-brainer. Sex is what men and women are designed for and it is absolutely beautiful. So the back door cures all of that since your man can come in there Is anal sex enjoyable for women. Every woman has a little wild streak in them and a desire to be a bad girl.

Who wants to always be the goody two shoes? Embrace your dark side and give your man a double win. Because we all win then. I know, double take right here. How does trust help sex? Which is why men LOVE it. But shoving it up there is going to hurt like hell and guarantee a kiss of death to any second chance of doing it there again.

The first time I agreed to anal sex was with my ex-boyfriend. He lit up like a Christmas tree when I said yes and of course, I trusted him to not hurt me and thankfully, I loved it. One afternoon, I came, I kid you not. I was batting for both types of sex now. Now the second guy I ever trusted back there, is huge. Deep-throating him was awesome and sex was mind blowing but back there?? That scared me a little and I was so ready to say no. But he was such a seducer.

Deep intense eyes that promised excitement and pleasure, and sexy drawl that could melt any heart. Ever put your trust blindly into someone? For me that was him. So yes to trust. Men love to be trusted. They love to hear us say yes to their desires and lay our pleasure in their hands. It feeds into their primal instinct to protect and naturally dominate. Trust is a gift to both parties and creates a whole other level of intimacy, which is something we ladies always want.

Power for a man because he dominates and controls the situation and his shaft is feeling so good being so tightly stroked. Powerful for a woman because it means embracing her desires to willingness to allow her body to be a sex object for her man.

Hee-Hee, looks like woman have the upper hand here. Carpe Diem Bitches Bow down gentlemen. This is my favorite reason. Is anal sex enjoyable for women you not enjoy sex? Ladies, the first step to a real orgasm is to actually enjoy sex and embrace the crazy dirty hot nasty side of it.

Ever rub the palm of your hand? Feels pretty good and kind of ticklish. Now rub the back of your hand. The sensitivity is higher and it feels even more tingly! I am not a self-depreciating, submissive mouse of a woman. I am a successful corporate working business woman with a sharp fashion sense and heels as high as my standards and my sex drive.

I LOVE anal sex. But I think that all women should try it at least once. Do it because you choose it as an act that Is anal sex enjoyable for women you feel like a woman who is desired and powerful in her sexuality. Not as a woman who is degraded and wants to be brought low. Christian Grey is not real ladies. So, try it out…you and your man will thank me later. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from.

Anal Reflections Cataloged in […]. But, at the same time, we have modern women themselves giving reasons as to why women should have anal sex. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. A website by Thought. In which we answer the internal Is anal sex enjoyable for women, what does anal sex feel like for a woman?

Here are my top reasons that women should have anal sex. Birth Controlled Sex This is Is anal sex enjoyable for women no-brainer. Builds Trust I know, double take right here. Intense Anal Orgasms This is my favorite reason.

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OLD, our true potential or a mirage of it? Though not everyone is interested in trying anal sex, we are going to venture to say that most people have had their curiosities. The thing is. But I am a warm blooded woman that happens to love anal sex. which honestly , can slightly decrease the amount of pleasure in sex. So the..

Anal fucking gets a vile rap session. But I am a heated blooded the missis that happens to boyfriend anal coition. But reciprocate more appalling are the outlandish ebooks aside women who do disposition anal union as a humiliation to the female course.

I glance a twisted write-up from Villainy around why women should not be enduring anal sexual congress. It was all kinds of bat-shit crack-brained. A dark entrenched request to be degraded? That exposition made me produce that women completely there are being made to put faith that anal coitus is designed to like men and to fulfill a confidential matter desideratum to be turned into a resign oneself to degraded female.

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  • It's natural to wonder what anal sex is like—so we got eight women to spill the dirty details "The pleasure radiates through your whole body.".
  • As I walked into NYC's Museum of Sex, somewhat hesitant boyfriend in tow, to learn how to have anal sex from an expert, I knew I'd be getting. How many women have had anal sex? Is it possible for a woman to enjoy it and even orgasm from it? Or do women just have anal sex because.
  • Though not everyone is interested in trying anal sex , we are going to venture to say that most people have had their curiosities.
  • What Makes Anal Sex Pleasurable + Why You Should Bring it into Your Sex Life • Psych N Sex

Last week, I tried to figure out why more women are having anal sex and why it correlates so highly with orgasms. Since , the percentage of women aged who say they've tried anal sex has doubled to 40 percent.

The percentage of women aged who say they've done it in the past year has doubled to more than 20 percent. And 94 percent of women who received anal sex in their last encounter said they reached orgasm—a higher rate of orgasm than was reported by women who had vaginal intercourse or received oral sex.

Will Saletan writes about politics, science, technology, and other stuff for Slate. For obvious reasons—anatomical, evolutionary, and aesthetic—anal sex should, on average, be less attractive and satisfying than vaginal or oral sex. In last week's column, based on new survey data , I inferred that female orgasms caused anal sex rather than the other way around. The other acts reported by women who engaged in anal sex—vaginal intercourse, cunnilingus, partnered masturbation—delivered the orgasms.

In turn, these women indulged their male partners' requests for anal sex. Well, shame on me. Not for talking about sodomy—that taboo seems to be fading fast—but for doubting that women love it.

These women are now coming forward to affirm that they're into it for their own pleasure, thank you very much. And they aren't alone.

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What Makes Anal Sex Pleasurable + Why You Should Bring it into Your Sex Life

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