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Palm reading. How to do it properly to DHV. LONG!!

when i first got interested in pua i was reading some pua manuals and "the game " and they were great to give me an idea of how the system. Rick H then did a full palm reading on the hot one. She seemed really into it. He then asked her Treat the fact that she's bisexual the same way you'd treat the. Palm reading, known as “palmistry” or “chiromancy”, probably got its start in ancient India and has been passed along to the west from Gypsy fortune-telling.


Results 1 to 25 of Add Thread to del. Palm Reading I'm just using this to build comfort and kino with a girl. Towards the end of the convo, I would just ask her if she ever got her palm read before and then I would take her hand and I'd have a serious face and I'll say, "That line right there means u are extremely attracted Palm reading pua a tall handsome guy named stephen, hes wearing a blue shirt, black jeans and black and white nike shoes After that, I would just say, "I'm just playin, I'm Just using this as an excuse to hold ur hand" I think I saw that on a sp video But is there something I could add to this that would make it better????????

Share Palm reading pua this post on Digg Del. Stop doing that shit. I don't give a fuck what anyone says about routines, they're all gay, Palm reading pua and you're not learning anything.

By palm reading you're learning to circumvent a girls defenses and trick her into giving you permission to touch her, where as if you just fucking touched her you would realize that it's no big deal at all, that you can do it, that you are entitled and don't need permission and your game will skyrocket because of this. This is what I do: A couple girls walk past in the club and you yell "HEY!

They stop and you put your arms out and pull them in by putting your arm around their shoulders and start talking to them. If you are too scared to do this you can start by giving girls hugs and holding the embrace while looking them in the eyes and talking to them.

Palm reading is not gay. It's a subtle way to escalate things. Going direct with little experience is way more creepy and challenging. That's because you are not comfortable and therefore nor will she. I can't see how you can better stephen's implementation. Maybe telling those things out of the lines that palms has while running a finger on top of them? I usually use this what I call duality of being palm reading. I ask for her hands point out to her that the palms are like mirror images of each other.

The I go about ancient Greeks or Chinese and tell the other hand represents her true self and the other how she Palm reading pua things.

Then I just come up with something crap of all the lines and curves. Usually the girl asks, if I'm hitting on her, flirting or just making Palm reading pua up. I either give her a Palm reading pua or just deny it playfully. Girls have liked this. Other trick I use is called the cube. It's a psychology test, which is supposed to tell what kind of person you are. I again Palm reading pua for both of her hands to hold on, then I ask her to close her eyes and tell her to relax.

Then I run the test. The girl will want to know how she did, what the test revealed or what different things meant. After that I chat up for more. When I'm on the date, I don't tell her anything about the test until she asks. Sometimes I score one or more dates with it by saying "I tell you next time". Girls have been excited about this. Palm reading is good for day game because you cant escalate that much compared to night game and you need to build a romantic connection before asking for the number anyway.

And I tried to learn the cube but theres way too much shit to rememmber lol. Originally Posted by NamesAreHard. Cool, but you are not having a change in your identity.

You are relying on a routine rather than on Palm reading pua. The way I see it is you can learn to become a PUA which the whole identity of one is very creepy and why the community is so underground or you can learn to be a strong, resourceful man who is naturally attractive.

Those are just tools in a toolbox. The simple line "hey, I think you are cute and I had to come to say hi" is a tool. To become resourceful man is to have toolbox with lot of tools. To keep things interesting you naturally change the tool you use every now and then. In other words you are not a one trick man. You change constantly - either you wanted or not, you'll change. Eventually the tools you use become part of what you are.

I can't see how PUA is not natural. I mean we all wear glasses or cotton - you can't pick those up from bushes or trees. You even said it yourself when you called it a trick. The fact is that your reality dictates you have to trick the girl and mine says I can escalate on a girl any time I wish and I don't need a reason to do it.

Girls like me for me rather than me tricking them into liking me. Check out my blog I made for all my field reports and things I have learned from doing pick up. I think all of these techniques of escalation is best use when she's already attracted to you. That way, she's opening her doors wider for you to get in her hood. That's how I sees it. Originally Posted by Grand Bison. Its not about how many times you get knocked down; it's how many times you get back up. Originally Posted by Boomaler.

How exactly is palm reading a homosexual thing? Gay doesn't mean bad, homophobe. I've tried it only a few times, all of which she caught on and I had to bounce back. Because it's whack ass canned garbage. You don't need to trick the girl. You can just walk up and touch her. Earl, Mr Earlybird, gets the girls with curvy curves.

Originally Posted by Archimedes. You act as if everything you say is fact and you say it horribly. Kong occasionally still uses routine-esque phrases and canned lines and you can see it in most videos. You probably think something like "directions then lol jk i just thought u were cute" isn't something that falls into a canned line or routine category.

Sometimes it's hard to get going and just being "aware" of the concept or Palm reading pua idea behind some "canned lines" can help you immensely mid interaction. If I wanted to qualify a girl and couldn't think of anything that second, I'd just say something like "Are you fun" or "Are you adventurous" which are in the category of "canned lines".

In a sense, relying on canned lines and routines and building a structure around them is garbage because you're not advancing your skills as a social person, but theres nothing wrong with digging one out once in a while to fill in gaps where you haven't quite adjusted yourself or couldn't immediately think of another way to lead in that direction. Originally Posted by Earl. I have to disagree, I see where Palm reading pua are coming from but then again its much more Palm reading pua learning the mindset you need rather than lines or routines.

If you lead and hold your frame, she will qualify, there isn't any need to make her qualify. I don't have anything against lines, i'm just saying there are more effective methods. I thought he made a perfectly valid point, you don't need tricks to Palm reading pua girls. What don't you understand? I might be using concepts that aren't that familiar on this website?

I think you meant to write "I don't know what you're talking about" btw. You're throwing around jargon here on this board to make up for having no opinion you can explain. I am probably the only other person in this thread who knows what "holding your frame" really means, so it was nonsense to even mention it in the first place. If you knew what it meant you would have understood the point i'm making.

You don't need to make girls qualify Palm reading pua you're centred in your reality, they'll do it themselves. I have a perfectly good understanding, I dictated my point using accurate terminology, i'm sorry if it Palm reading pua a bit to advanced for most people on this Palm reading pua to handle but I was sure that you, almighty pickup god, could handle that.

Last edited by Archimedes; at What Palm reading pua posted is the equivalent to me posting on some random new guy's thread about flaking problems saying "If she thinks Palm reading pua have value she won't flake. It really just looks like you're trying to prove Palm reading pua or something, instead of actually breaking down something you probably don't understand to actually benefit the OP. I was trying to get my point across with the termonoligy that was used when I learnt it, it's hard for me to explain frame of reality without me going off on one.

Again, im sorry if it is to advanced for use on this website but I was only trying to help people. It's much easier knowing you can touch girls, you don't need a reason, than learning routines. I'll try to dumb down my language but you can't deny that they are very valid points. I'm going to stay out Palm reading pua the argument. But in my opinion what you are doing is overkill. You Palm reading pua by saying "oh you're attracted to me" and then say "Oh no I'm just doing this as an excuse to hold your hand" Obviously.

Because you just said something that Palm reading pua completely bullshit. If you had sort of made up something that sounded real and THEN said "Oh this is just an excuse to hold Palm reading pua hand" then it would be better.

Askjdalksjd fwb?! someone give me some thoughts. If she has two fate lines, for example if her fate line is broken mid-hand and another starts running parallel to it, see at what age it happens If you are reading the palm; read the palm and only that. palm reading routine pua, google page 1. when i first got interested in pua i was reading some pua manuals and "the game " and they were great to give me an idea of how the system..


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I have put well-balanced a quick and easy guide to palm reading and have been using it on sets with mass clover Fine skin - silky or smooth: Sensitive person peaceful and refined standpoint can easily be disturbed. Down to earth person not likely to be strung out more straight forward and direct. Sensual party pleasure seeker, who does the least amount of operate they can receive away with, dinner best in relaxing surroundings where they can daydream and lazy about.

Business-like people, energetic, hardworking they enjoy challenges, need keep hustling in order to be happy. Penniless to earth, efficient people enjoy a challenge work thick-skinned towards their goals plenty of indomitability and energy.

That line will aim either close to the base of the first two fingers or lion's share commonly somewhere in between them. The ending position of the heart frontier is important 1.

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Sat, 10 Sep Mini-Cold Reads For Attraction …Rapport is pretty simple when you understand the tendency to like and feel COMFORT around those people … Just about everyone will agree that rapport is important anytime you have an interaction with another person. Who likes to spend time around…. Sat 12 June How to Have Threesomes…The girls laughed. Rick H then did a full palm reading on the hot one. She seemed really into it. The technique of making seemingly true statements about a person without actually knowing the individual.

Psychics often use this to fool people into believing they have paranormal powers. Cold reading is a technique used by pickup artists to build attraction by appearing to know something deep about a girl he just met, thus building intrigue.

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