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DESCRIPTION: We had a lot of requests for a steel device such as this.

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Storycodes: M/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; encase; steel; electro; susp; insert; anal; .. The impaler feels like a red hot poker, burning my innards as it is forced deeper. Consensual slavery initiation. and other exciting erotic at!. I lift a bottle of water to his lips and dribble water into his open mouth "Go fetch the anal impaler with the large dildo and the plain handcuffs.

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Me, My wife and an Anal Impaler Backstory: I went on the extreme restraints website to see sex toys and the reviews on some products Anal impaller stories just their experience with the product and this is where I got the idea for this story.

My wife Anal impaller stories and I have been together for 9 years, we have a great sex life but we wanted to take it to the next possible level. So we went on a sex toys website called extreme restraints, they have all sorts Anal impaller stories sex toys from normal dildos to flesh lights to dungeon furniture.

We could have been searching for hours, but eventually we found something we both loved it was called the anal impaler. It was a flat steel bar spreading the victim's Anal impaller stories with ankle restraints on either side and in the middle of the bar was a long pole sticking straight up with a dildo on the end which went into the recipients asshole or pussy. It wasn't cheap but we bought it with a few different sized dildos and we went on with our lives until it arrived.

About a week later it arrived when Jess was home and I was at work. Later on that day Anal impaller stories I came home from work I opened the front door to find a note saying to come to the basement.

I went down the basement to find the impaler bolted to the floor with my stunning wife Jess completely naked, blindfolded being impaled with a dildo deep in her pussy, my 7" cock instantly went hard. Standing there in all her glory rubbing away at her soaking wet pussy.

I found a stool to stand on, I place it in front of her, get up on it and place the tip of my dick against her lips. She sticks her tongue out, licking the pre-cum that is dripping from the tip.

She removes her hand from her pussy and places them on the backside of my thighs. As she does this, She opens her mouth and pulls me towards her more. My cock feels the warmth of her tongue as it slides halfway down the shaft before stopping.

She places one hand on the exposed shaft, stroking fast as her tongue rolls over and around the head, then flicks against the sensitive part on the underside. My cum is boiling in by balls. I'm ready to explode when I feel her other hand move. It has come down to my balls, taint, and now working its way up to my asshole.

As my cock fills her mouth, I feel the pressure of her finger press and roll against my dark hole. I couldn't handle it Anal impaller stories, I shot a thick, creamy load into my wife's mouth.

She swallowed the whole lot after I calmed down unhooked her from the ankle restraints and she persuaded me to get hooked up to the impaler. She locked me into the restraints and quickly ran upstairs, a few minutes later she came back with a squeeze bottle of lube. She squirted some on my asshole and forced the thin dildo into my asshole and I hated it, it felt so weird being full down there, but I put up with it as Jess was hooked up to this thing and I wanted to be fair.

But she put the dildo up far enough that I Anal impaller stories escape but it wasn't to uncomfortable then she put a blindfold on me, tied my hands behind my back and left the basement. It felt like forever standing there with the dildo up my ass but after a while she came back but it seems with two of her girlfriends and their boyfriends.

It was then I realised I was going to be the main point of a night of fun, I could hear the guys unzip their jeans and walk over to me. They adjusted the pole of the impaler and the dildo fell out of me, I nearly fell over from standing up for so long, the guy behind me had the bottle of lube Jess used on me before. He bent me over squeezed some lube on my Anal impaller stories then the guy in front put a ball gag in my mouth I wasn't sure why until the guy behind me Anal impaller stories to push the head into my tight virgin asshole.

I screamed into the ball gag when his cock popped in, my eyes were watering as he slowly eased his cock into me an inch at a time, his cock couldn't have been longer Anal impaller stories 7" cause it didn't take long before I could feel his pubes against my ass, once he got all the way he stopped so my ass could get use to his size. Less than a minute went by before he started to slowly pull his cock back and out of me.

I could Anal impaller stories him squeeze more lube onto his cock and then I felt his cock at my hole again but this time he pushed in faster and started to slowly pump away at my ass.

The pain I once had in my ass was gone and I started to feel pleasure. How could I feel this much pleasure from an assfucking? I couldn't breathe well through the gag so I kept my mouth open and took a deep breath and he took this as a welcome and shoved his cock in my mouth. I panicked I was enjoying having my asshole fucked but a cock in my mouth was different At first, I hated the taste of his man-meat I tried to push it out of my mouth but he just grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat.

Once again, I had a realisation this cock tastes fucking delicious. I started really putting all in sucking his cock, it didn't take long before he noticed this and let go Anal impaller stories my head and stopped pumping. Without him pumping into my mouth it showed me bobbing my mouth on his cock. My wife noticed this and yelled "well would you look at that, he have a cocksucking faggot on our hands" her girlfriends cheered one of them walked over to me and wrote something on my ass with Anal impaller stories, I don't know what it was but it couldn't have been good as they were all laughing and I heard a couple of cameras go off.

It wasn't long before I felt the cock in my ass swell up and I knew what was about to happen, I felt shot after shot of his warm cum get pumped into my asshole, my ass felt so full I felt his cum leak out my stretched hole. Not long later the guy I was sucking off came in my mouth.

I realised I was tasting someone else's cum for the first time, I had tasted my own cum Anal impaller stories when I was exploring my body as a teenager, it tasted delicious and different from what I remember I desperately wanted more.

They put a bigger dildo on the impaler and put it back in me, Anal impaller stories this time. Jess offered food for the guys as they must have been tired. I had the impaler in my ass for a little while longer before it was removed from me again, but I wasn't sure who did it as I didn't hear anyone Anal impaller stories. I heard the squeeze bottle of lube again, they squirted some on my ass and some on their cock, I realised who it was as soon as I felt their cock penetrate me, it was cold, it must have been a strap-on, bigger and thicker than the boys and a little bigger than the one on the impaler.

Jess's girlfriends must be having their turn on me, as soon as I had that though I felt the other girls strap-on push at my lips and I gladly opened my mouth for another face fucking. The cock in my mouth wasn't as big as the one in my ass but it was big Anal impaller stories for me to gag on it, it wasn't long before the girls were going hard on me. They were fucking me with such ferocity it was putting the other guys to shame, it was then I realised these aren't real dicks so they can't cum, these girls would keep going until they are exhausted, and I could have never been happier.

I really enjoyed being fucked it felt so incredibly good to be filled by a thick veiny cock. It felt like forever before these girls stopped, but they eventually did, the first cock to leave me was the one in my mouth. Then soon after was the one in my ass, "Please Please Please, put it back in" I begged, that was when I heard the sound of applause.

One of the girls took the dildo out of one of their strap-ons and put it on the impaler. They put the impaler so far up my ass I had to stand on my toes, then they all left laughing with me standing their uncomfortably horny with a big dildo up my ass. They were having a break upstairs eating, talking, Anal impaller stories eventually the two guys came back down to me, took the impaler out of me and bent me over.

I was excited I was going to get fucked again but they opened a 6 pack of beer bottles bent me over and stuck one end first most of the way up my ass, I hear the zippers to Anal impaller stories fly's unzipping. I got excited, I was going to get throat fucked again Anal impaller stories nothing happened, no dick touched my face just silence and then it hit me a big glob of cum on my face. They were jacking off onto my face. I excitedly opened my mouth ready to catch more of their delicious semen, both their cum had entered my mouth and combined into a delicious soup, I washed it around my mouth like it was mouth wash and then finally swallowed it.

They eventually pulled the bottle out of my ass, stuck a ball gag in my mouth and put me back on the impaler. They didn't put it up too high so I could "have fun" as they said, they left and I was left alone.

The dildo felt so good Anal impaller stories my ass, I Anal impaller stories to jerk off so bad but I couldn't with my arms behind my back so I just decided to bounce up and down on it hoping I could get off without touching myself. As I was bouncing someone removed the ball gag and took the blindfold off my face, it was Jess "we're going to go see a movie, I hope you have fun here while we are away" she kissed me and stuffed her cum soaked panties into my mouth.

I instantly went weak, Jess smiled and walked away, I started bouncing on the now vibrating dildo as Jess left the room smiling at me. Here I was bouncing on basically a vibrator trying to cum without touching myself my cock was hard as a rock swinging hitting my stomach as I bounced it must have been at least an hour before I felt an orgasm coming on. As soon as I felt it I started bouncing faster, harder, deeper then it happened I felt the orgasm coming on as I Anal impaller stories my balls contract into my body for the biggest orgasm of my life.

I screamed as my cum flew everywhere the floor, the ceiling, even the wall on the other side of the room, I came so hard I passed out. I woke up not long after as my Anal impaller stories was still wet to the sound of the front door opening with Jess and her friends talking about the movie.

They opened the basement door, I could hear Jess's Anal impaller stories laughing, Jess spoke up "well would you look at that The guys walk over to me, removed me completely from the impaler and unties my hands. I dropped to the floor weak, Jess grabbed the back of my neck and made me lick up my cum she didn't have to force me for long as I was happy to do it.

While I was cleaning up my mess I saw Jess's girlfriends hand her a wad of cash and then they went home. Once I was done cleaning, Jess sent me to have a shower and of course while I was in there I had a little fun with the shower head on my ass, it felt so good the vibration on my ass reminded me of what had happened just Anal impaller stories an hour ago. I started fingering my stretched asshole just remembering it I snapped out of it and got out of the shower, dried myself Anal impaller stories, wrapped Anal impaller stories towel around my waist and left into our bedroom to find my stunning wife Jess naked with a giant strap-on, it looked to be about 12" and thick as a Anal impaller stories can and already lubed up ready for me.

I walked over to the bed dropped my towel and laid down belly first on Anal impaller stories bed, legs off the side ready for Jess's cock. She pushed her cock into me and it went straight in, she skipped the usual slow start and went straight to fucking Anal impaller stories as hard as she could.

While she was fucking me I turned around and said, "honey while I was cleaning my mess your friends gave you some money, why? At the start, I wasn't very happy but I didn't mind as I loved it "I'm sorry I did this please forgive me" Jess said as got up on the bed and laid on her back with the strap-on pointing up to the ceiling. I quickly got up on the bed, I couldn't stop myself if I tried, I sat down and went balls deep on Jess's cock "of course I forgive you" I said lovingly.

Jess smiled and I bent down and started making out with Jess, while I was kissing her I started bouncing on her cock.

I got back up straight and started bouncing her whole cock from tip to balls. I kept on bouncing on her cock until my legs ached then I laid down on Anal impaller stories back with my legs up in the air and she drilled away at my ass until I came without touching my cock. Jess took off her strap-on and laid in the bed beside me exhausted.

We both fell asleep. I woke up in the morning alone, Jess had already gone to work, I checked my phone I had 48 texts I was confused why until I checked. They were all gay guys from craigslist, one sent me a link to where he got my number and it Anal impaller stories made sense. The person who wrote on me wrote, "Bisexual Faggot" with my phone number and they took a picture of Anal impaller stories and posted it in the m4m section of craigslist.

I sat there wondering, hoping Jess's friends would come over again soon. Title of your comment: Please type in Anal impaller stories security code You may also Anal impaller stories to a recording of the characters.

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This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction so be kind. All and any mistakes are mine. I want to thank my beta, MrShyRockstar, what a girl. Last but not least the girls of the Pussygalore club, these girls constantly brighten my days with their pervy ways. This is a BDSM themed one shot. I have no experience in this field so if you want to try this stuff out get proper advice. Walking into the playroom, I see my slave kneeling in his presentation position, eyes down, hands behind his head, shoulders and back straight, knees spread.

I admire the muscles running across his shoulders and along his back.

You are my Master, of course I trust you. How could I not, you rule every face of my life. I love you and I trust you absolutely. It started with a singular leap into the unrevealed on my part three years ago.

We met on the internet forums and you offered to introduce me to the subject; it took a month of doubt and all my courage to accept your offer. To my own astonishment, the urges returned after a few weeks and I just had to beseech you whether I could come over once more. I could and I did, again and over. Gradually, I grew common to the treatment. You were only a two of years my higher- ranking, but you were cocksure and persuasive, while I was insecure and seeing for protection.

You were so strong and fair as you took me in hand every without surcease I needed chastising. Preferably than a few hours in handcuffs, I would spend a whole lifetime hanging from the ceiling by my wrists, or a whole weekend caged in an oak coffer barely big enough in the interest me to fit in.

Regularly you would looting me while I was helplessly bound, bent past a wooden frame, but I knew you did it because you loved me dearly.

Am I losing weight too fast? Nora's tongue swirled around the head of Master's very hard cock while her hand stroked the shaft slowly. His hands tangled themselves in her. Story by DastardlyDude . The phallus was welded onto a steel pole that fit perfectly into the round hold in the pedestal below Marc's anus..

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About ME: I am 100% genuine and serious and will expect genuine replies please. I enjoy writing storys and poems also candy i'm addictied to chocolate. Men want me. I am a hot lady eager to satisfy all your needs and desires. Hi, i am very sexual girl and i love sex.

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To celebrate the uninterruptedly of the week, today's Q10 be part three of my chance Halloween series. He probably wasn't a vampire and he definitely couldn't coil into a bat, but he did do some in point of fact horrible things. We'll discuss them, but first a not any history: He became known as Vlad Dracula because the suffix tacked on there makes the surname mean "son of Dracul. As a counterpoint, largest Romanian stories around Vlad portray him as heroic and one of the greatest leaders they've ever had.

Vlad Tepes first ruled in after his father was assassinated. Vlad Tepes was immediately put on the throne so Wallachia's political enemies wouldn't think the position was sovereign for the winsome, but Vlad was ruler pretty lots in name not. After all, he was only 17 at the day. In , he had an full village of German settlers killed when a trade quarrel erupted.

Nora's tongue swirled around the head of Master's very hard cock while her hand stroked the shaft slowly. His hands tangled themselves in her. With legs spread 24 inches apart the adjustable anal impaler can be inserted in the anus or vagina. It can adjust from 18 to 32 inches. Deep enough for most. I lift a bottle of water to his lips and dribble water into his open mouth "Go fetch the anal impaler with the large dildo and the plain handcuffs.

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