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But, things seem to be changing in Gujarat. Conceived in December , the state government has from the June academic year put into practice a child education tracking system...

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Gujarat is ranked 33 among 35 states and union territories in terms of access, in a report published by the human resource development ministry. Gujarat remained at the bottom of the primary-level education rankings in terms of providing access to schools to children, a new report published by the human resource development ministry HRD said on Wednesday. Gujarat was ranked 33 among 35 states and union territories in in terms of access.

F or successful implementation of any educational programme, effective monitoring, coupled with efficient information system, is essential. Indian education system is one of the largest education systems in the World; it caters to the needs of more than 1, million people. Keeping in view its size, the information system has the following limitations: Notwithstanding the above limitations, the school statistics form the basis of planning, monitoring and evaluation of various aspects of education, in general, and primary and elementary education, in particular.

Gijarate Dise

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Dise Gijarate

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